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"Thanks for all the help.  Getting started couldn't have been easier.  Looking forward working with your team."

 - D. Eiri 



"You guys are terrific.  This push is just what we needed to get our business on the net." 

- M. Harris





We have made getting your business on-line generating new sales for you as simple as possible.   You donít even have to have a computer or know anything about the web.

With your guidance and input, we will consult with you to determine the most effective approach to make your e-business a success.  Together, we determine the best products to promote on your e-business.  Itís a simple fact that certain products have a better chance of succeeding on the web than others.  

Using actual samplings of your products, we design a working prototype of your new e-business web site.  Once you give us the final GO!, we start the process of getting your business on-line.

  • Together, we select the best available domain name for your e-business.

  • Together, we determine the best products and pricing.

  • We set up your on-line store with our web hosting providers ( being among them).

  • Together, we assist you in setting up your merchant account for real-time credit card authorizations.

  • We begin promoting and marketing your e-business by submitting your domain name on the major search engines and beginning our marketing campaigns.

  • Sales orders from your e-business will automatically be e-mailed and/or faxed to you as they occur in real time.

  • You fulfill the orders and keep the customer happy.

  • Sit back and watch your e-business profits grow and grow.

Our success only comes after your success ?it is in our best interest to help your e-business succeed in every way.