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"Your pricing plan will work out best for us.  This virtually totally mitigates the risk for us trying to go on-line."

 - S. Ho



"I really like this concept.  It makes sense."

 - J. Bushke




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Our revenue sharing plan allows for the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way for you to get your business on-line and begin enjoying additional sales from the global on-line marketplace.

We share in your success – exclusively based on on-line sales that you never would have had without your e-business.

Best of all, there are no setup costs or upfront fees to get your e-business web site started.  With this plan, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The revenue sharing plan also ensures you have the best customer service because it is our business to make sure your e-business succeeds.  Simply stated, we don’t succeed, unless you succeed – it’s a built-in guarantee of the plan.

Revenues are calculated at the end of every month and include all sales transactions (including shipping and handling) generated from your e-business exclusive of any sales tax.

The revenue share pays for the costs of your e-business including: your annual domain name registration, all monthly web site hosting services including Yahoo’s participation fee, all graphic design, and all web site development, ongoing maintenance, basic promotion, and system administration.

You are responsible for merchant account fees, which typically include a set up fee, monthly fees, and transaction fees.

You must allow your e-business to operate a minimum of 9 months in order for your e-business to get established.  Anyone serious about getting a business started knows it takes time.  Even with our methods of promoting and marketing, please allow your e-business to get its proper recognition and begin generating new sales from the web.