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"We've always wanted to get our operation on the net - to open up a new sales channel, but we just didn't know where to begin.  Now we see the light!"

 - A. Biggs



"It's a complete e-commerce solution for our needs."

 - J. Lee














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This is a complete, end-to-end solution for getting your business on-line accessing the millions and millions of worldwide shoppers the web has to offer.  We go way beyond just getting your e-business custom-designed, set up, and operating ? thatís only the beginning.

On an on-going basis, we will exploit the best ways to promote your e-business generating more and more sales.  We will monitor your e-business to keep it fresh and current - suggesting product or design changes, if necessary, to continue increase sales.

Services we provide include:

  • We register and pay for your e-businessís domain name (i.e., www.MyOnlineBusiness.com).

  • We get your products ďimage-ready?for presentation on your e-business web site.

  • We design and create your custom e-business web site.  Of course this includes utilizing electronic shopping carts, writing compelling and persuasive product copy, and securing all order pages with encrypted SSL payment processing.

  • We set up and pay for your e-business to be hosted with e-business provider as well as other major web hosting companies (depending on the need) to ensure performance, security, and reliability.

  • We set up and pay for up to 5 business email accounts (i.e., JohnDoe@MyOnlineBusiness.com) for you to professionally correspond with customers.

  • We assist you in setting up your merchant account for real-time credit card authorizations for your e-business.  You are responsible for monthly and transaction merchant account fees.

  • We promote your e-business using our unique and special e-commerce marketing campaigns.  This includes potentially using e-mail lists, affiliate and banner exchange programs, as well as ďguerilla?web marketing tactics.  (This also promotes your local retail store at the same time).

  • We provide on-going web site administration and maintenance to keep your e-business current with the season and any special events.

  • We provide access to web traffic statistics that measure the effectiveness of your e-business.

  • We provide you with access to detailed sales reporting accessible 24/7. 

  • We provide you detailed sales reports every month.

You donít need to know anything about computers, the internet, or e-commerce ?you donít even have to own a computer!  Of course, the more you know, the more you can contribute to the process, and the better your e-business will be.

Remember, we are in this together.  Other options to get your business on-line, such as hiring expensive consulting firms or flat fee web designers have no vested interest in seeing your site succeed in the long-term.  We provide continuing service to manage and promote your e-business because it is in our best interests.